"We had a 21 month old patient in acute respiratory distress on our Pediatric Unit at Concord Hospital. Typically we don’t bring ART into rooms on droplet precautions, but this time we did make an excep-tion. The child almost immediately and visibly calmed. His respirations slowed and he began tracking and following the fish, then pointing and smiling. He was later transferred out to PICU, but ART provided him with a few minutes of simple, calming visual distraction."

Alyssa Montalvo, BS CCLS, CPST Pediatrics, Concord Hospital

 One 10 year old patient said to me directly "I was really upset because I felt sick, but the nurses brought ART in and I calmed down". Another was " This is an amazing idea. At least the patients need not to get out of bed to get a glimpse of these lovely clown fish" Parents, patients, and visitors love ART, and we are constantly hearing comments like "great idea", "beautiful tank", "amazing to have that right in the room." 

Alyssa Montalvo, BS CCLS, CPST Pediatrics, Concord Hospital

"ART brings huge comfort and distraction during an often challenging visit to our clinic. It is SO popular with our patients and families, it is requested more often than our iPads and video games! We are so thrilled with the joy this tank brings to our environ-ment." 

Amy Boucher Child Life Specialist, Maine Children's Cancer Program


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